Gender Socialization And Gender Roles

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In the last several years, numerous feminist movements have brought a great deal of attention to the gender equality issues many societies face. Is this increased awareness helping towards a neutral gendered socialization process which will inevitably eliminate the inequality? Gender socialization is the process where an individual is impacted by agents of socialization through their life stages which consequently creates the gender roles we see in today’s society. The only way to start working towards a gender equal world is by making changes towards the gender socialization process.
Gender socialization allows for the creation of gender roles and it is evident that most of the creation takes place during childhood. Gender roles are the expected normative behaviors associated to one’s biological sex (Carl & Bélanger. 2015). The majority of young children are raised in gendered environments as appose to the less common neutral gendered ones. As a result, they are exposed to gender stereotypes which will, more often than not, stay with them throughout their entire lives. The importance of a gender neutral upbringing is crucial to eliminating the inequality we face today and that is the message Gender Baby Food is trying to spread to new parents. Gender Baby Food is a satirical line of fake baby food created by the Anxiety and Depression Association of America in hopes of targeting gender norms (Rose, 2016). The product comes in a wide selection of flavors with each its own…
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