Gender Socialization And Gender Roles

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Society has this unknown expectation for genders to have a type of distinction toward one another, attitudes and behaviors that males and females are required to have. Gender socialization is society’s way to categorize the propensity for males and females to be socialized differently. Media, violence, even politics has a large contribution to the division among genders in the 21st century creating by creating a new culture of independents. Media has been promoted very selectively and carefully, subconsciously teaching us the proper ways of conforming to the “ideal contemporary society” throughout one’s life, “gender roles” (a more simplistic term “sex roles”) including the set of socially defined roles and behaviors are assigned to the specific sex at birth. This can and in fact does vary from certain cultures. Our society has the identification skills to provide (some would say “biased”) criticisms to differ the two distinct gender roles. One includes the “masculine,” having the qualities and characteristics attributed to males, and the other, the “feminine,” having the qualities and characteristics attributed to females. Media creates subliminal meanings about gender, and plays a role in which we understand as part of ones’ identity.
Violence and the thought of it being involved with gender is often discussed but rarely seen. This plays a role in our society and creates negative thoughts in those who are confused then forced to conform to a conventional role. Cultural…
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