Gender Stereotypes 14-18, In Two Virgin Active Gym

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Gender stereotypes and how it affects females, ages 14-18, in two Virgin Active gyms.
When you walk into a gym, it is common to see females over in the aerobics room or using the cardiovascular machines and it is common to see males on the opposite side of the gym using the weights. No one ever seems to have a problem with this- after all, it is ‘normal’ for males to want to build muscle and females to lose fat and tone, right? What causes this division in the gym? In my study, I want to investigate how gender stereotypes affect females, ages 14-18, in the gym. Do females want to try weights but fear crossing the gender boundary? I want to investigate whether females are experiencing barriers in the gym because of what society tells them what
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I have come to this hypothesis because I believe that females, age 14-18, are vulnerable in the way that they want to be accepted by their peers and society in a whole, therefore, they will usually stay within what is seen as ‘normal’ by today’s society. I am focussing my investigation entirely on females because I believe that females are influenced more than men by society’s norms and are more sensitive to other people’s opinions.
I have chosen to base my research on two branches of Virgin Active gym – Bryanpark and Randburg Virgin Active – as I have access to these gyms. I need to specify which gyms I will be using to collect data because there are women-only gyms therefore the members views and opinions on this topic will not be valid as they do not share a gym space with males.
Through my research, I am aiming to gain a better insight of females and how gender stereotyping affects them in the gym. I want to find out whether gender stereotyping affects females or if their workout regime is just due to personal preference. I would like to prove that gender stereotyping is the main reason as to why females do not weightlift and how this reason then causes other problems to arise.
I believe that we need to understand women’s experiences in the gym as they are affected the most by gender stereotypes and that is what led me to research this

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