Gender Stereotypes : Advertising Makes Sense Financially For Those Advertising

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The purpose of this research paper is to prove that using gender stereotypes in advertising makes sense financially for those advertising. It argues that by using stereotypical examples of the “in group” of it’s target audience the goal of the advertisement will more likely be achieved. This paper addresses but does not dispute the idea that using stereotypes in advertising can have negative effects on its audience. However if selling an idea or product is the end goal it makes sense to present the ideal situation to whomever your target is.

Today I turned on the TV, flipped through channels until I found ESPN then sat down and turned into a blob. A couple minutes went by and I saw a cialis commercial. It started off with this really handsome middle aged man putting on the golf course at what looked like a warm weather resort. The crazy thing was this guy wasn’t with his buddies; he was with his gorgeous wife who was noticeably younger than him. They went golfing, ate some seafood, and saw a local band! A few seconds later the commercial ended but I, with my primal instinct, was still thinking about how that guy needs his cialis so he can make love to his super hot wife on some resort and I’m sitting in my basement with ketchup stains on my shirt. It’s amazing, the power of advertising can make a healthy 21 year old wish he was the guy with erectile dysfunction. Now obviously I don’t wish to suffer from ED. However, by…
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