Gender Stereotypes And Gender Roles

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We will never be able to control how gender stereotypes are formed. Gender roles were naturally created as a result of human evolution and the different modes of living that were adopted by humans. Humans, however remain the driving force behind reinforcing gender roles and stereotypes with different mediums. Such as television, art, and writing. In order to understand how gender is portrayed in contemporary American comedy this paper will analyze the characters from the television show, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. • Gender roles and television • Gender roles in comedy • Gender stereotypes applied to It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Television shows are one medium in which gender roles are reinforced on a daily basis. Much research has been done to look at how gender roles are portrayed on television. One research study done by Kym Bradley looked at heterosexualized gender in the prime time comedy Two and a Half Men. One article by Lauren Thompson analyzed the characters of the show, How I Met Your Mother. Other studies that have been done have looked at how the genders of the producers or writers of television shows effect the gender stereotypes of the characters. Another study that was done by Jack Glascock in which he looked at a variety of prime time television shows to see if the representations of men and women have changed through the years. There has not been very much gender stereotype research done on any one specific television show. It’s Always Sunny in
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