Gender Stereotypes And Gender Roles

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Gender stereotypes and gender roles are a largely contested issue in the modern world. Countries around the world have very different gender norms, though there are some recurrent patterns between many cultures. For most recurrent patterns there is a culture who does not abide by those gender norms. There is typically many good reasons for each recurrent pattern that makes sense from an evolutionary standpoint. There is also a significant difference in the way men and women are treated. This is caused by many things, from location to physical requirement. There is differences from the occupations they may have, to the punishments they may suffer for extramarital sex. This and other factors leads to both matriarchal societies and patriarchal societies. These societies are very different, yet similarly successful in relation to similar societies of the opposite gender stratification. Issues with gender are addressed frequently in many modern societies. These issues are typically discussed in large countries with a large population and an effect on global politics. America is in the middle of a very large feminist movement. Feminism as a movement stands for equality for women in all forms of media, pay scale, and treatment in every regard. This group opposes gender roles, gender stereotypes, and any real distinction between men and women except for the anatomical differences. There was also a large series of public events highlighting the way women in the Middle East are

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