The Stereotypes Of Young Males

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Males are often generalized in regards to how manly their attributes are considered and if their role in society is associated with masculine ideals. Generalizations that exist are such of men should; be athletic and strong, be in charge, be the head of the family, to make the money, to want sex, and not show emotions. These generalizations are portrayed and instilled in our lives from media influence to even the adults in our lives telling us so. Males all over the world grow up trying to abide by the set limits society deems a male should do. The mindset of today’s society is tainted with these stereotypes that wrongly push males to conform to society’s generalizations as they grow up.
The time period in which we are young is an important developmental moment, for youths are beginning to develop their sense of themselves. Individuals begin to find characteristics they want to define themselves with. This is often a confusing time since everyone is their own unique person, making everyone not the same. Yet in our societies there is a certain mind set on what characteristics processed are viewed as a masculine or feminine. So when a young male finds himself with these “feminine” traits, he sees it as something wrong with him and that he shouldn’t be that way. We live in a world where all you want to do is fit in and be accepted, so as a child that’s all we strive to do.
Our mental development is greatly affected by the cultural norm, we are exposed to as we are growing up.
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