Gender Stereotypes And Objectification Of Women

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When starting this ePhoto project, I thought it was going to be really hard to find pictures for each week’s topics. However, I found that it was very easy to connect class topics to social media. Most of my photos came from Facebook, and Buzzfeed, a YouTube channel that posts videos on social change. In this paper, I will be analysis my photos over the semester by discussing overarching themes, in particular, gender stereotypes and objectification of women. Then I will analyze the photos from an intersectionality perspective and its importance. In addition, I will self-reflect about how gender, sex, and sexuality influence my life and how my beliefs have been challenged over the semester. Finally, I will conclude my paper with ways, in which, we can make social change, so we can reduce gender stereotypes.
There were two major overarching themes that I noticed in my ePhoto album, I will first address gender stereotypes, which is the most prevalent theme. Gender stereotypes are beliefs that we associate with a gender, male or female (Matlin, 2012). Stereotyping can be non-conscious and automatically processed by breaking down information so that it is easier to recall to memory. Some commonly known stereotypes are that women are to be feminine, caring, or nurturing, while men are to be strong, aggressive and unemotional (as cited in Henderson, 2015).
In my photos, I have been breaking these social norms and receiving some social backlash. For example, in week 4 I
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