Gender Stereotypes In Disney Movies

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One day, my sister Nafisa, was looking outside of the window, wearing her best looking princess dress, with her hair done and lipstick, which looked quite messy and was waiting for someone. She also organized the dinner table with her toy utensil and made some type of imaginary food. I asked her why she got ready and sitting in the same place, looking at the window for more than 20 minutes. She excitedly replied “I’m waiting for my Prince Charming”. From such an young age, aurprisingly Disney movies affect our young generation. The Disney movies, in many way illustrates gender norms in our society and also are a big part of everyone's childhood. Disney movies are becoming an issue of influencing young children to believe how they should behave in the society because of their gender. There are numerous Disney movie that illustrates gender expectation in the society, but the movie Snow White And The Seven Dwarf produced by Walt Disney illustrates the society’s view on women and men and how children from young age get an idea of society’s expectation toward man and women behaviors. Disney portrays females as dependent on men and expected homemakers, who take care of the men, where as men are independent, expected to be stronger, smarter and protector, savior of the women. The movie Snow White makes our young generation believe in gender stereotypes from an early age and act upon these stereotypes.
Angel in the house- a poem by Victorian poet Coventry Patmore (1823-1896)
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