Gender Stereotypes In Disney

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How does Disney films influence young viewers? Genderoles is defined as the behaviors, or roles that society has given to an individual. Gender roles in American culture have been influenced by the media and it have changed overtime as Disney movies started to emphasize on gender roles. More specially, Disney have presented a woman's role to young girls and have given poor messages on gender roles.
In Disney films, it suggests the ideas of gender stereotypes and how these stereotypes should applied to each individual's. Young girls are taught about the ideal feminine characteristics and what’s a woman's role in society when they see Disney princesses. Disney princesses portrays to young girls how women are to be beautiful, submissive, physically weak, helpful, affectionate to have a prince charming. Many, might only see most Disney films simply as a romantic animations, however there are messages of gender roles are portrayed in these films. Moreover, Disney princesses presents a negative cultural stereotype to young viewers.
To begin with, in Disney’s production The Little Mermaid, Ariel is portrayed as a princess who gives up her voice for her legs to be with prince Eric. In this film, Ariel has a dream, and her dream is to be a human, so that she can be with the handsome prince which caused her to trade her voice for legs. On the other side, people might only find this as an image of a woman’s independent strength, however it is giving a poor message to young girls.

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