Gender Stereotypes In Homer's The Odyssey

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Women are perceived as the gender, that in which is not superior. In the epic, tributed to Homer, The Odyssey, traditional gender stereotypes of a patriarchal society are enforced. Men dominate women in a sense of roles, influence, power and relationships. In ancient Greece, the dominant role was played by men. The society, culture, government and occupations was organized and driven by men, women having little to no role in how to society functioned. Generations adapted these ways and depicted myths that in which represented this type of society, as seen in the Odyssey. The epic portrayed a patriarchal society, where men had the majority of the roles. Throughout the epic men convey the qualities of a ruler and dominate over women when it comes…show more content…
Since the men have so much power, the have an huge influence on others. Power was given to men because of the strength they are perceived to possess. They are said to be strong and prominent, which gives them power over women. Odysseus' wife, Penelope, had been probed by the suitors while Odysseus was gone. “Suitors plague my mother- against her will”. When Odysseus was gone, each of the suitors had been trying to wed Penelope. Although she had turned down each and every one of them, they had all forced to love and care for them. Odysseus and Penelope’s son, Telemachus, had the power to just leave his mother behind, and voyage out to find his father. He was able to do this because he was a man. "If I hear he's dead, no longer among the living,/ then back I'll come to the native land I love,/ raise his grave-mound, build his honors high/ with the full funeral rites that he deserves”. Telemachus had decided to journey out to find his father, leaving his mother behind, and only returning if he hears his father is dead shows that he has the power to do whatever he feels. This asserts the legitimacy of patriarchy since he had enough power to do as he pleased, only being a young man, he was able to take a dangerous voyage out. Men dominate women in a sense of roles, influence, power and
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