Gender Stereotypes In Mulan

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The way that groups are represented in the media often has a significant impact on how these groups are viewed in reality. The media is very powerful when it comes to raising awareness about certain groups, which is important to understand. What the media portrays is often what is perceived. Instead of using the media to strengthen stereotypes among people, the media should be used to stop stereotyping once and for all. While gender stereotypes do unfortunately exist, representations of gender in pop culture can have a positive impact by allowing society to see these stereotypes being broken.
In the Disney classic, Mulan, several gender stereotypes are portrayed throughout the film. Mulan, the main character, faces several expectations
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Having movies like Mulan in pop culture teaches people that it is not necessary to follow societies expectations and live by what stereotypes say.
Another movie that defies gender roles is She’s the Man, starring Amanda Bynes. Bynes plays the main character, Viola Hastings, a tomboy that enjoys playing soccer more than wearing heels and dresses. Viola deals with the expectations her mother places on her to be a very feminine debutante. She does not fit the stereotype of being very girly and instead seems like one of the guys. In the movie, the girls’ soccer team is cut from the school, so Viola tries to play for the boys’ team. The coach of the boys’ team laughs at her, saying that it is a scientific fact that girls are not as fast or cannot beat boys. After that rejection, Viola decides to dress up as her twin brother, who is out of the country, and pose as him in his school. She joins the boys’ soccer team at this new school and defeats her old school’s soccer team. Viola proves that girls can do anything that guys can do, and can do them better. This movie shows how gender stereotypes should not exist because there should not be limitations to how one gender should behave. Displaying gender representation in pop culture raises awareness to how it is wrong that a girl needs to pretend to be a guy to be taken seriously in society.
It is still widely viewed today that women are very weak and lesser than men. The feminine hygiene brand,
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