Gender Stereotypes In 'Pretty Little Liars'

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Spencer Hastings, played by Troian Bellisario in Pretty Little Liars, once said, “Giving into a bully never works. Even if you give them everything they ask for, it’ll never be enough. Your only choice is to stand up to them, even if it costs you something” (Pretty Little Liars 2015). This is one of the many life lessons that can be learned from this show. Pretty Little Liars became a very popular television series among teenage girls when it was released on June 8th, 2010. It is produced by Warner Brother’s Studios and directed by Marlene King. An abundance of publicity on social media has helped this show become very well known across America. While watching Pretty Little Liars, I focused on the the storyline, the actresses portraying their…show more content…
The part of Alison DiLaurentis is played by Sasha Pieterse. Pieterse does an excellent job portraying the secretive, Queen Bee that once ruled the halls of Rosewood High. Lucy Hale, playing the role of Aria Montgomery, stood out the most with her artsy, unique look. She made crying look like a piece of cake and every emotional scene involving her complicated love life or family drama was convincing. Spencer Hastings, a very intelligent, strong-willed girl, is played by Troian Bellisario. Bellisario made every scene very dramatic with her intense look and demanding tone of voice. My favorite actress, Ashley Benson, plays the role of Hanna Marin. Benson perfectly portrays Hanna as the sassy, high maintenance “it girl” of Rosewood. One character that was a lot different from the rest was Emily Fields, played by Shay Mitchell. Emily found much success on the swim team, earning the title “jock”. She struggles with her sexuality and image throughout the show and Mitchell’s characterization of Emily strongly displayed her kind spirit and loyalty toward her friends. The actresses in Pretty Little Liars made the series seem very believable, earning them Teen Choice and People’s Choice…show more content…
Line matches the characters’ personalities and interests with their style. Alison is often seen wearing very sophisticated, mature clothing. She tends to keep it interesting with prints, ruffles, and a more retro style. The most unique style is worn by Aria. She is usually wearing funky and edgy clothing with chunky heels, leather jackets, and statement jewelry. Line matched Spencer’s style with her personality very well by giving her a preppy and conservative look with blazers, blouses, and cardigans. The “girly girl” out of the bunch could almost always be identified as Hanna due to her abundance of feminine, bright, and glamorous fashion. Unlike any of the other girls, Emily wore a sportier look. She was often dressed in t-shirts, jeans, and sneakers. The day to day clothing on Pretty Little Liars was always on point, but the most extravagant clothing was worn for big events. Some of these events included prom, Halloween, balls, and fashion shows for charity. Line outdid herself by putting the characters in upscale dresses, accessories, and shoes. The fashion in Pretty Little Liars gave the show a special element that kept teenage girls engaged.
This series has a genre of suspense, drama, mystery, and romance. Pretty Little Liars was perfect for teenage girls because they tend to gawk about televisions shows that contain even one of these genres. From the subject of murder to
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