Gender Stereotypes In Skins And Slide

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Teen TV series Skins and Slide present stereotypes about teenagers such as, they’re out of control, party goers, disrespectful and they have no consequences or responsibilities for their actions. The teenage characters are also linked with drugs and alcohol in the both series, which is also stereotypical of the party-going teenagers. Family relationships in both series are strayed, the teenage characters don’t respect their parents by lying to them and will often work with their friends via peer pressure and/or siblings to deceive their parents. This shows the family values aren’t relevant to the teenagers. Teen sexuality is evident in both shows, and not presented as a risk but more of a pleasure. The dangers of teen sexuality are evident, …show more content…

Throughout the series, at one time or another, members from the main group, have been together intimately. In the show, however, for boys it is more of a pleasure for them compared to girls. Any sexual exposure teenage boys have in Skins, is seen as an achievement. This is shown when the group of teenage boys in the show agree to help Sid, with his “virgin thing” (Gay, Elsley, Clough, & Stevens, 2007). Tony’s belief is, “Sid cannot be a virgin on his 17th birthday or he cannot be my friend anymore.” This shows, how highly teenage boys rank this in their adolescent years. Due to the boys thinking, girls are seen almost as more of a commodity, to gain a higher rank or standing amongst their friends. For girls however, they feel like they have to sexual exposure. Tony, mocks his girlfriend and has the nickname “Nips” for her, which she finds offensive, showing how he doesn’t respect her, and treats her more as a commodity (Gay, Elsley, Clough, & Stevens, 2007). This is a stereotypical association of teenage boys, and the teenage girls are seen as more vulnerable, yet still no consequences are felt either way. Teen sexuality in Skins is presented as a time of exploration and experimentation, as more of a natural occurrence rather than a negative

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