Gender Stereotypes In Society's Gender Pressures

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This paper addresses the factors that go along with growing up with society's gender stereotypes. people are expected to grow to fit into certain gender roles as they mature and when they do not do so problems may arise. This paper tells about the types of gender stereotypes that are seen within our society and why they are so. This paper also addresses what happens to people's mental and in some cases physical well-being when forced to battle this need to fit the gender roles however feeling completely different on the inside. This paper goes into the consequences that along with going against the general stereotypes and is meant to provoke a call to action in the readers and to show them just how severe the effects of these stereotypes can be.

Growing Up Under Society’s Gender Pressures Introduction
Gender stereotypes have been around for as long as any of us can remember. Boys and girls are meant to act a certain way and when they choose to act differently they are looked at as different than everyone else. We are expected to fit into certain categories and function the same way as everybody else without much change. We hear words like Tom boy being used to describe a girl who does not quite fit all of the feminine requirements. Maybe she doesn't like to wear skirts, or maybe she likes to play in the mud and make a mess. Regardless of what it is that makes her less “girly” people now put her in a
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