Gender Stereotypes In The Media

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In today’s media there have been numerous images portray and examples of gender either in movies, television shows and or in commercials. Viewers have their own mind and can think for themselves, but when you have the media constantly portraying a male or a female a certain way, it can be influential or stereotypically. The image is putting on stereotypes and labeling a male figure to only be a certain way, while the women figure is the opposite way. Males are presented as the strong ones, the ones that get things done. The women are presented to be the sexy and only worried about their appearance. I came across a recent article and video that indicated that “media that perpetuates rigid gender roles and stereotypes can affect children’s sense of self, relationship, and career aspirations” In module three, we discussed the media stereotypes. Men are seen as active, adventurous, powerful, sexually aggressive, and uninvolved in human relationships, while women are seen as sex objects, young, thin, beautiful, passive, dependent, sometimes incompetent, and they are either a virgin or they are label as a whore. By reading those labels that media place on women, it is ridiculous, but this is exactly what the media portrays. According to the video, the speakers are suggesting that the media categorizes males and females with specific labels and by the media sending this message, children are watching and believing that is how things operate. This way is for the boys and the other
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