Gender Stereotypes In The Media

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Gender stereotypes are everywhere. Even before we can understand what this means, people are constantly exposed to them through advertisements, toys, clothes, and the media including television shows and movies. To evaluate the prevalence of gender stereotypes in television programs targeted towards young children, I chose to watch four different shows called Phineas and Ferb, Little Einsteins, Horrid Henry, and Sofia the First. When picking what shows to watch, I intentionally selected at least one that looked targeted towards boys, another that appeared to be targeted towards girls, and finally one that seemed gender neutral. I also made sure to watch at least two episodes of each program to determine whether the themes I observed were…show more content…
During this process, however, only one girl is ever included. In fact, I paused the show during a scene when the friends were riding the rollercoaster, and counted 11 boys in compared to only one girl.
The second show I evaluated was a cartoon called Little Einsteins. This show features a group of four friends, two boys and two girls, who go on a different adventure in each episode, usually in pursuit of solving a specified problem. The problem in the first episode I watched was that one of the planet Saturn’s rings fell off and the group had to work together to try and return it back to space. This show, in my opinion, had very little gender stereotyping, even with careful analysis as well as no violence. A small aspect I did notice was that the two male characters were usually the ones to come up with problem solving and heroic ideas while the girls were the ones asking questions like “what are we supposed to do?” while more often scared in a problematic scenario. The physical appearances of the characters also varied and I don’t believe they were conforming to stereotypes, but instead, provided a range of personalities and physical appearances that all types of kids could identify with. Prosocial behavior is a big part of this show. This group of friends is constantly trying to solve problems that benefit others, while not receiving anything beneficial themselves. For example, when the friends decided to return Saturn’s lost ring back to
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