Gender Stereotypes : Macbeth And The Wife Of Bath

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There is no doubt that gender stereotypes still exist, although many women throughout the history had put their effort to lessen it. As the matter of fact, women often faced many obstacles due to the well-known gender stereotypes. This triggered the literature authors to write a literature in a feminist view, which ultimately had led feminism to predominantly act as a common literary device throughout the medieval ages and the Renaissance. While many authors portrayed women as a weak stereotypical female, some authors such as William Shakespeare and Geoffrey Chaucer challenged this by describing the female characters as strong and ambitious characters. Not only challenging the sexual stereotypes that existed in both time periods, Geoffrey Chaucer and William Shakespeare also enabled the female characters both in Macbeth and The Wife of Bath exploit their sexuality to obtain the balance of power.

Female characters in Macbeth and The Wife of Bath challenged the traits of stereotypical women that were expected during each era. Women in both medieval ages and the Renaissance did not have access to equal rights as they do now a day. Women in Medieval were not qualified to have a voice in a political nor to reveal their political preference, as well as not being able to exercise any political powers. However, William Shakespeare challenged this well-spread stereotype by portraying Lady Macbeth as a dominant woman, who possesses her political preference by

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