Gender Stereotypes : Modern Family And Every Body Loves Raymond

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It is very well known to all that media is a big part of society today. It influenced how we see ourselves and the world to some extent. There are different types of media that is offered today, for example: TV, movies, radio, and newspapers. Within the different forms of media, women and men are represented in a certain way, all with different characteristics. In this essay, I will argue that there is similar gender stereotypes presented in the shows Modern Family and Every Body Loves Raymond, and how they differ from the show Full House. To start off, Modern family is a show that started that in 2009 that falls within the genre of American sitcoms. Blending the idea of sitcoms with a family orientated plot, this show has been very popular among television audiences. As the title claims, the show tries to portray modern families. The family is made up of an older white male, and a younger Colombian trophy wife and her son from her first marriage. There is also another family consisting of a hard working dad, an over controlling mom, and their three children. Lastly, there is a family which consists of gay co-parents and their adopted Vietnamese child. While these family structures appear to be modern, the gender roles presented within the structure suggest something different. In our society, we carry an ideological assumption that a “normal” family consists of the man working to provide for the family and the women takes on the role of stay-at-home mom (Dow 1992).

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