Gender Stereotypes Of Grace Jones

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We are together but have been created physically different, we are equal when it comes to our rights to live, air, water yet not the same in certain issues. Both sexes are,“deeply ingrained in the codes of our society.” Stereotypes imposed on us by the society has shrewdly manipulated or brainwashed us into believing that being told how to comport ourselves and be is rather a liberation, not oppression. Unfortunately, we are unconscious of this conspiracy when trying to look and behave like those individuals we see in the media or magazines. For women, in particular, the assumption is that we wear beautiful clothes such as dresses and skirts, reveal some skin to attract men, wear makeup and keep our hairs long. Two different images of Grace Jones will be the source of comparison in this essay to illustrate gender stereotypes placed on women. The first image has her album title on top, “ Grace Jones/ Nightclubbing.” Also, there’s a quote in the bottom of the of her picture, which reads ”I’ve seen that face before”. Beneath the quote, it says “liber tango”, which is her single on the album. The background is painted in an unappealing bright greenish yellow. This color shifts the attention of the observer to her much darker image in the middle. In the second picture, there’s not much background. However, in both images the focus is solely on her, she has a strong presence and expression. Although she’s a woman, Jones, is displayed as a man in one picture and very
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