Gender Stereotypes Throughout History

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Evolution of Female Concerns

Women have fought for their equality between men throughout history. Women have fought for their right to vote, the right to receive education and more. Now in modern society, women legally possess equal rights as men. However, there is another huge wall women have to climb over; society’s gender norms and expectation. Gender norms and expectations are culturally constructed in a way that has historically been to the detriment of women; even though women have made significant advancements in sport, in the home and in the workplace, they still have to deal with limitations that are left over from previous gender expectations and assumptions that have held back women in the past. This contention is …show more content…

These facts clearly display that women are far less likely to obtain jobs or positions with high pay. Naturally today, female workers in average only make three quarter of the salary of men. Low pay restricts women from being independent from men, making them powerless.
Situations have changed, and now women in marriage are also allowed to work. Occupying jobs enable women to feel strong and independent but at the same time, it changes their relationships with their

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