Gender Stereotypes: Where Do They Come From?

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Girls are lesser than boys at mathematics? Where does this statement come from? Surely this bias seems like it is completely wrong. There are many different examples and ways to prove it wrong. If this was an accurate bias there would be an outstanding number of reasons for that. There is far more evidence of this statement being inaccurate. Education, workforce, testing skills, and other miscellaneous factors are all parts of this belief. This belief is proven incorrect by each of these four pieces. The first and foremost piece of evidence against girls being inferior to boys is their education. Education is an accomplishment of learning through different years. Education can be broken down into three different groups: primary, secondary, …show more content…

In the workforce females have finally started to have equivalence to men aside from their pay and their representation in STEM fields. This is caused by “masculine” jobs being less likely to have women on the job. Engineering is a very unlikely job for a woman to be found. There is no reason for women being outside of this field because of intelligence. Students that graduate college with STEM degrees still don’t go directly into their field. Most women don’t go into STEM fields unless it is the social sciences due to their preference in work. Most women are found in nursing, psychiatry, and other jobs that go with people more than numbers. This is due to women preferring the different kind of work environment that is allowed by having other people …show more content…

There are many different factors that make men overrepresented in the STEM field however there is nothing proving them superior. Testing scores are blown out of proportion due to one test invalidating the remark that men test higher. Education has been evening out over the past twenty years as students have slowly become more equivalent. The workforce is changing over time as we get farther into our society. Over these three different cases there is absolutely no way to prove that women are in any way inferior. The belief that women are inferior to men has been blown out of proportion due to the discrimination in earlier history. Over the course of recent history women are finally getting the chance to show that they are equivalent to men and may even be slightly superior in mathematics given the correct

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