Gender Stereotypes in Cinema as Examined Through the Films, 'Taken' and 'Snitch'

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Gender Stereotypes in Cinema as Examined Through Taken and Snitch Introduction: Modern cinema is at once an opportunity for escapism and a direct reflection of realities within our broader culture. This is why the issue of gender portrayal and the representation of gender roles in film are both such important issues. In many ways, the images placed on the big screen can have a direct impact on the way that our collective culture forms its ideals and expectations. As a culture, we are highly susceptible to the impression-building that is conjured in our media and reflected back to us. In many cases, the performances on screen suggest an idealized version of ourselves, whether in their physical attraction, sexual prowess or heroic behavior. Perhaps this one of the fantasies that makes truly great cinema such a transporting experience. But even in great cinema, a certain reality must be acknowledged. Specifically, the fact that our culture is reflected in a certain respect on the movie screen suggests that many of its less-admirable qualities are also depicted. The focus of this discussion is on the manner in which gender roles are prescribed in cinema and, even more specifically, how female characters in film are largely confined to one-dimension archetypes either to be rescued, sexually objectified or villanized. A strong woman that does not fit these characteristics is rare in film. This is especially so in the highly patriarchal milieu of action-oriented films, within

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