Gender Stereotypes in Movies

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In the movie "The Problem: Women at the Top," women were hardly in the work force because of concerns due to family, childcare, the ability, and fear of moving forward and higher in their career and the concern of no job to return to. Women have been known to take on the role of a housewife, mother, and caretaker. Therefore, women were held back in the past to attain stability on their own because of their hesitation of taking care of children, family and their household chores. Unfortunately, this issue has not changed much in today's day in age. Being a mother is still a dire role women face because of the economy, lack of support from their male partners as well as the thought of being self centered and selfish in many cultures. Due to the incorrect stereotype of women being homemakers, they are unable to establish their careers and less likely to achieve managerial or higher positions. As in the movie, "Women Train to do Men's Jobs," women are trained to perform jobs that are typically known to be performed by men such as construction and operating a forklift. Men have been performing these jobs due to upper body strength. However, women have been proving to a lot of employers that they too are able to perform the job similar to men, if not, better. Typically, men's jobs pay more than some women's meaningless jobs. For example, construction workers are paid approximately $20 per hour where as women workings as a housekeeper are paid minimum wage of $8 per
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