Gender Stereotyping And Gender Stereotypes

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When thinking about the “perfect man” adjectives like muscular, tall, and tough come to mind while when thinking about the “perfect woman” those adjectives tend to be more on soft, shy and pretty side of the spectrum. These associations are known as gender stereotypes. The textbook definition of gender stereotyping follows the ideal of overgeneralizing characteristics and attributes of a person solely based on the gender of the person without viewing them as an individual ( From the moment new parents find out the sex of their child, gender stereotyping beings. Typically, most little girls are dressed up in pink frilly outfits with nurseries decked out in soft pinks and delicate patterns while boys have the blue nurseries…show more content…
It is to what degree this is taken when the differences between cultures are made visible, in some countries, women are seen strictly as caregivers who have no opportunity to get a job or make a name for themselves because this role is left specifically for the men. While in other places around the world, these ideas are changing, women are becoming just as much a part of the workforce and society as men. Like many other countries’, the United States’ gender roles have shifted greatly over the decades as family and professional roles have become more equal. Up until the 1980’s men were the primary breadwinner and disciplinary figures in the family while the women were the caregivers who stayed at home and kept the house. As time went on, women began receiving higher education and even began working more outside of typical “women’s jobs” such as secretaries, teachers and nurses. Today, men and women are fairly equal when it comes to work and receiving education, according to a Time article, studies even show that women are more likely to obtain a college degree than men (Feeney). It is also being more and more common to see women in high authority positions and holding public office, some have even embarked on the path to be elected the leader of our country. These steps are huge strides for women, not only in the race for equality, but in abolishing some of the most common gender
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