Gender Sttigma In Sports

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Men and Women: Gender Stigma in Sports Gender stigma in sports has been an issue for ages. More often than not, it’s women who are ridiculed and verbally attacked for playing “masculine” sports. In the 1960’s the women fought against society for equality and finally got it when Title IX was passed in 1972. However, gender stigma for women is still very prevalent amidst modern day society. But it's not only women who are suffering from gender stigma now, men face the same struggles as women do too. Men and women equally go through the same amount of gender stigma in sports. Both men and women have their sexualities questioned often. Men will be questioned when they play a "girl's" sport. What is a “man’s” sport and what is a “girls” sport? To define a "man's" sport it is one that is body-to-body contact, it's usually very rough, so sports like: football, wrestling, and rugby. (Metheny 1965) A girl's sport generally lacks any sort of contact that is made to hurt them, so sports like: cheerleading, gymnastics, and figure skating (Metheny 1965). For example, if a man that does gymnastics he is putting himself at risk of having his sexuality questioned. This is because gymnastics is seen by society as a feminine sport. For women it is now more socially accepted by society to play "men's" sports, but their sexuality gets questioned by the way they act on the field. The media tries to help women with the sexuality issue by putting mostly articles about a female athlete's

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