Gender Studies: The Issue of Gay Marriage

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In Favor of Gay Marriage The concept of gay or same sex marriage is controversial. There are a number of countries where homosexual couples are allowed to marry with their relationship gaining the same recognition as heterosexual couples; countries who allow gay marriage include Sweden, Spain, Canada, Iceland and Argentina. In the US nine states, plus Washington DC provide for gay marriages (FTM, 2012). It would appear that there is a gradual movement towards acceptance of gay marriage, but with only a minatory of people living in areas where gay marriage is accepted there is still a great deal of resistance, with a restatement of arguments against gay marriage, but when examining those arguments many are flawed and reflect fears rather than fact. To look at how and why gay marriage should be allowed, the first consideration may be the reasons why many people are opposed. The most common arguments against gay marriage are based on religious and social beliefs, with the critics saying that gay marriage, and gay relationships are against nature. The underlying idea is that natural sexual relationships will result in children. From a religious perspective, marriage was a way of tying together men and women for the creation of a family and the survival of mankind. From a social perspective the creation of the family unit based on a male and female union creation a solid foundation on which the species could grow. But, are these arguments founded in fact? The first and basic
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