Gender Themes In Little Women By Gloria Alcott

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Little Women Little Women is a novel based on Alcott family home in Concord, Massachusetts and also based on Alcott's childhood experiences with her three sisters. Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy March , Depicting herself as Jo and depicting her sisters and brilliant father ,Little women was realistic in mode and feminie , domestic drama .It relied heavily on Alcott's own memories of childhood games ,pastimes and family conflicts. The novel is very famous and popular children's novel today. Alcott was an abolitionist and a feminist and stayed unmarried throughout her life , and died in Boston . Little Women' is a conservative novel and it deals with many themes such as self-improvement and gender role, morals, women’s rights , education, poverty…show more content…
Some critics' opinions, Simon de Beauvoir: “ I identified myself passionately with Jo, I shared her horror of sewing and housekeeping and I shared her love of books “ Gloria Steinem : “where we could else read about female group who discussed work ,art and all the great questions and find girls wanted to become women ?” Anne Petri: “I felt that I was a part of Jo and she was a part of me” Bridget Brophy: “having re read it dried my eyes and blown my nose K.Le Guin :“Jo March must have a real influence upon me when I was a young scribbler ,I'm sure she influenced many girls” Laurie’s story is similar to March girls story it’s like the struggles of the March girls. Laurie is subjected to a something of what critics describe as the ‘ethic of submission,’ an ethic usually deemed relevant usually and only to girls and women because they are the one who should always submitted and do what they told to, the society expect from women to be a caring mother , faithful wife , obedient daughter. in contrast to boys and men, who were defiantly free from such…show more content…
He wanted to prove to Amy and his grandfather that he is not a ‘humbug’ he wanted to do what men do which is getting a job. male identity in the nineteenth century as critics portrayed was connected to work, and Lurie knows that if he didn’t work he will be weak and unmasculine He sends Amy a message saying’ “Lazy Laurence” has gone to his grandpa, like the best of boys’. He has eventually left his boyhood and submitted to his grandfather. Quotation ‘I’m going into business with a devotion that shall delight grandpa, and prove to him that I’m not spoilt. I need something of the sort to keep me steady. I . . . mean to work like a man’ The novel "Little Women" is one of the great novels in the world literature. It’s a story of how both boys and girls confront cultural limitations. I advise everyone to read it. It shows how a person can cope with the most difficult circumstances if he is a believer and faces these problems patiently. It also shows that family solidarity is the basis for facing the hardships of life. It also shows that strong will and determination reach one's goals. I believe that anyone who wants to enter the world of international novels should begin this
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