Gender Toys

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The fond memories of childhood are often associated with a favourite toy. When one reminisces on a certain time of their life, toys are amongst the most prominent things that come to mind, as they evoke a strong symbolic image of early childhood. Although toys play a significant role in a child’s life, they have also been criticized for reproducing gender stereotypes. Boys and girls often have different toys that affect the development of their gender orientation during their younger years (Blakemore & Centres, 2005). The toys that parents choose to buy influences the way that children socialize and play with themselves, their peers, parents and family. Toys provide a gendered experience in which girls are often secluded to playing with dolls, kitchen sets and doll houses that…show more content…
In today’s retail world, a trip into any store that sells toys will show two noticeably separated realms of toys that include pink lanes consisting of dolls, domestic toys, and beauty kits and blue lanes packed with action figures, construction sets, and cars (Sweet, 2013). This reinforces the reliance of gender-marketing in today’s toy industry that distinguishes between what it means to a be a boy or a girl. From birth, children are immediately absorbed into this world of gender-specific products that shape their identities and beliefs of others due to the messages from marketers (Sweet, 2013). Through socialization, children begin to figure out the benefits of remaining within the status quo of gender and the repercussions of moving beyond them. In this paper, I will take on a perspective that draws upon both cognitive development theories and feminist ideologies. In particular, Bandura’s social learning theory will be helpful in examining how children learn about their gender through
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