Gender Usage Of Social Media

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In her book It’s complicated Dana Boyd explores adolescents’ usage of social media. Her book covers seven different facets of social media usage. Those being: Identity, bullying, privacy, addiction, danger, inequality, literacy, and being public. Boyd uses countless personal interviews with teenagers varying in age but primarily teens ranging from ages 13-17. Her main objective throughout the novel is to empathize with today’s youth to better understand how and why they use social media. She believes that a lack of understanding by older generations is what leads to the negative stigma around the younger generation and it’s social media usage. Throughout the book you can find thematic elements of power, social norms, and race. Boyd believes the teen network phenomenon is not a completely new concept but one that is a deviation from past events. The introduction of any new technology to our society has been meet with skepticism and disapproval because of the fear of the unknown. When paper was introduced society fear people would forget how to remember things. When the Television was introduced the populous fear that it would destroy the radio. All forms of new technology would have to endure a period of hate before they could be accepted by society. Boyd says that online social media is the next platform that the older generation hasn 't seem to fully reach acceptance with yet. . Our textbook sates “ Social information and memory exist thanks to the synergy between

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