Gender Wage Gap

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Gender Wage Gap in America
Now more than ever women are going to college and getting degrees. Some studies even show that women are doing better in school than men (Buchmann and Diprete). Yet despite of this, women are still not getting paid equally as men in America. Why is this?
What is the wage gap for women in America? According to the 2016 Census, the annual income for a woman that worked fulltime all year was $40,742, whereas a man on the other hand, their average yearly income was $51,212 ( The wage gap for women in America has certainty made progress since the early 1960’s, but the fact of the matter is that the wage gap between men and women still exist.
What does the wage gap mean for women in America? In the United States alone, women are the head of household for more than 15 million family households. ( Of those 15 million households, nearly 30% of them have incomes that fall below the national poverty level ( Each year in the United States, on average women working fulltime, combined will make more than $840 billion less than their male counter parts ( This means that women, have significantly less money to support themselves, their families, invest in their future, and to spend on various goods and services.
Who’s working to shine a spotlight on the gender wage gap in America? In recent years we have seen various public figures calling out the gender wage gap. Some of these public figures

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