Gender Wage Gap Still Exist . What Is The Gender Wage Gap

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Gender wage gap still exist What is the gender wage gap you may ask? It is the difference between men and women 's wage in a working society.Wage equality have been around since the 1900’s when women were able to work while the men were at war.But many believe that it does not exist still in today’s society.Even in the 21st century discrimination and sexism is causing big problem for young women and it is providing inequality for women.Discrimination is very prevalent in today 's society whether it be religion,race,gender,or anything that makes you different.For example gender wage gap is highly debated whether it exist or not in today’s society. How did it get started?During the 1960’s women that worked full time made 59 cent for every…show more content…
This debunks the idea that the reason why women are getting paid less is because they do not have the same level of education as men but as you see that in that example women had a higher level of education but was still paid less. A lot of people think the gender gap is myth and women are just complaining and are trying to get more money but it is not about that it is about equal pay for equal work. that The Equal Pay Act of 1963 was passed to make women have “equal pay” it was supposed to prohibit sex based wage discrimination between a man and woman if they both work the same job and both are equally skilled. Obama’s stance on the gender wage stance it that he has two daughters and he does not want them to get paid less more being more qualified. Being part of a minority is also a disadvantages and how some jobs have a bigger wage gap and make way less than their male co workers.This discrimination is making the 21 century women believe that they have to work twice as
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