Essay on Gender Wage Gap in the U.S

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Today’s society continues to argue about the subject of social inequalities even in cosmopolitan and first world countries like United States. Gender inequality is a subject that have been forgotten eventually since the women civil rights movement developed and they started gaining an equal right for work. Still, in U.S history, gender inequalities remain till today in relation to the workplace to some degree. The Gender Wage gap is considered a gender inequality, but could be also a result of the interaction of
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Wheaton Glass Co. (1970), U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit and stated that jobs needed to be substantially equal to fall into the right of receiving an equal wage. Then also, Corning Glass Works v. Brennan (1974), U.S. Supreme Court suggested that women could not be paid less because of working in jobs that men would not like to do, it was described as “unacceptable”.
The Wage Gap Today
Till 2012, women that worked full time earned 80.9% of men wages. Today, those percentages have arrived the 82.5%. According to the Washington Post newspaper article “Obama takes executive action to lift the veil of ‘pay secrecy’ ”, President Obama on April 1, 2014 described the gender gap in where women earned 77 cents from each dollar that men earned. In fact, He added that those statistics did not provide the factors that influenced the different pay wages among gender. Furthermore, due to this the Equal Pay Day 2014 also counted with the participation of both parts, in favor and against in a debate. Again, the arguments went around the factors that may produce these differences among wage and Mark J. Perry and Andrew G. Biggs republican economists of the American Enterprise Institute claim the Wage Gap to be a “myth”, they also suggested that the Paycheck Fairness act will produce side effects as women being hired from their jobs and they claim that the gender Wage Gap was due to

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