Gender and Col

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A good book both entertains and informs us, increasing our knowledge on certain topics yet keeping the reader’s attention with interesting and exciting events. Richard Harland’s Worldshaker, both entertains and informs us. The reoccurring matter of discrimination brings forth the themes of disrespect of females, morals and ethics, self discovery and growth, and hierarchy of classes which don’t fail to provide information presented in ways which further intrigue us in the novel. Through these aids Richard Harland has pieced together a book keeping readers on their toes as we take a journey through the history of the juggernaught, ‘Worldshaker’, therefore informing, and entertaining. With a wide spread of characters of both genders, we…show more content…
After his run in with a filthy his knowledge, and ours, on filthies and life on the juggernaught are broadened presenting a new look on rankings on Worldshaker. Seveal attempts at making a change fail as Col realizes he doesn’t have a say in his future, ‘Col had the sense that his fate was being decided, but it was nothing to do with him’. Col finally gets fed up of decisions made for him, he had his own views and wanted to show them, he did this by siding with the filthies, to bring their social status higher, “Okay, let’s go…time to start the revolution”. His everchanging character keeps us on our toes and entertained throughout the whole novel as his opinions and decisions inform us of various matters. In Richard Harland’s Worldshaker, the themes aid the matter of discrimination, an important topic highlighting his clever writing stlye keeping the audience both informed and entertained. Gillabeth, Col and Sir Mormus play huge roles in keeping the book entertaining with their different roles and characteristics, where as self discovery, gender descrimiation, morals and ethics, and hierarchy of classes are themes which shed information throughout the book providing the reader with a more broad knowledge. Richard Harland has successfully written a novel which both informs and
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