Gender and Crime Essay

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Gender and Crime Sex is commonly used to describe the innate biological characteristics
of humans constituting their femaleness or maleness. Gender on the
other hand, covers the social characteristics and usages associated
with one sex or the other. Since such roles and customs can vary and
be modified it follows that masculine and feminine the terms applied
to the respective genders are much more flexible than female and male.

In order to cover the subject of gender and crime it is important to
explain its prehistory and standing as well as addressing the
extensive material which appeared in the modern
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These studies suggest a correlation between changing
perceptions of women by bodies who enforce the criminal law and the
increase in recorded female crime. Thirty years ago women were less
likely to be suspected of crime, when suspected they were less likely
to be change and prosecuted and finally, when prosecuted they were
less likely to be convicted than they are today. Today they are more
generally seen as being equally capable of committing both legitimate
and illegitimate activities . in other words belief in the
constitutional idea that women are somehow, physically or
psychologically incapable or unlikely to be criminal is weakening .
this is reflected in the more than proportionate increase in the
number of women in prison. And most of types of crime committed by
women are also committed by men and to a large extent both sexes live
in the same environment and are subject to the same types of peer
group pressures and effects on upbringing.

There are a number of different strands of feminism each of which has
impacted on criminology in different ways. Liberal feminism views
women as an equal part of society. It centers on rights and
non-discrimination. Criminology much of the work of this group has
been associated with a study of the discriminatory practices of the
criminal justice system,…