Gender and Philosophy Class: Whose Job is it Anyways

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Ethics of care, maternal thinking and morality are all very important aspects that should be involved in all aspects of society, but most of all today’s gendered workforce. Both men and women should receive equal rights and same treatment in the workplace, from equal opportunity to equal pay. Ethics of care, maternal thinking and morality should be applied in full when developing fairness in the workforce because of the great points it brings up about our flaws in societal development. The unfairness our society has created with jobs is expressed in both of these ways of thinking as well as displaying resolutions to these issues. “Women are moral equals of men…the experiences of women deserve our respect and are vital to a full and…show more content…
“To escape the state of nature, then, people must agree to be governed. Hobbes believed that there really is such an agreement, and he called it the social contract” (CRP 181). With this government, equality would be distributed among the people. Hobbes believed that this social contract would make social living and morality possible. This would remove self-centeredness and give rise to obedience. In turn, this would eliminate outbreaks or those who weren’t functional in a societal setting. Hobbes has a great outlook on being governed. He believed this would make society more efficient by eliminating the variations people would bring about. This was very important as there were universal rules instead of people acting on their own impulses and intentions without thinking about others. Not everyone would be that way, but who’s to say if someone wouldn’t do something in the best interest of themselves if it meant more success for them, their family, etc. In a nutshell, perfect duties are more important than non-imperfect duties. What is right or wrong for one person must also be right or wrong for another person. The perfect example in society and the workforce is sexual harassment. Why put all the pressure on males to be the ones who provoke this behavior, women are just as capable. This is why a universal law of sexual harassment would be

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