Gender and Women in the Workplace

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Gender diversity: Gender diversity and women in the workplace 1
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Gender diversity: Gender diversity and women in the workplace

Gender diversity was not taken into consideration and most companies have very little knowledge on how to take advantage of it.

Despite the effort to increase diversity of workforce over recent decades, the number of female and minority executives has remained disproportionately low. (Celia & Antonio, 2007)

It may not be true for every country. In the USA women now represent approximately half of the working population, while in
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Many researchers studying management behaviour reported that males and females style of management has no significant differences. (Vilkinas, 2000;Vilkinas and Cartan, 1993, 1997).

These authors were arguing that it was the determination of how males and females in senior management teams were perceived based on the level of effectiveness and not their gender.

Oshagbemi and Gill (2003), in their study of UK male and female managers, reported that there were more similarities than dissimilarities in the management styles of the two genders. Also, in a New Zealand study in the manufacturing sector, McGregor and Tweed (2001) reported that female and male managers identified similar managerial competencies that they possessed. However, other research has argued that the gender of the manager does matter (Alimo-Metcalfe, 1998; Bass et al., 1996; Rosener,1995, 1996); that is, male and female managers do display different managerial behaviour.

Contrary to the above findings that male and female managers consider themselves to share similar competencies, other studies have observed that women and men in management positions do perceive themselves differently. Female managers participating in these studies indicated that they believed they were more innovative (Bass et al.,1996) and better at getting the job done and setting
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