Gender and politics

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UNIVERSITY OF NAIROBI INSTITUTE OF AFRICAN AND GENDER STUDIES EVENING CLASS: MODULE 2 INTRODUCTION Social class, status, and power are predetermined by one’s gender. Within today’s patriarchal society, men simply possess greater power than women, “and enjoy greater access to what is valued by the social group.” (Code 1993), Patriarchal thought produces male dominance, and authority within multiple areas, including politics. Throughout history, governments have designed laws to maintain such divisions of power, resulting in the oppression of women. “Patriarchal power relations construct sexual differences as political differences by giving legal form to the belief that women, because of their sex, are fit only to serve as wives and…show more content…
Indeed, the higher you go the fewer women you see. The question of women's representation in elected bodies and in other decision making committees, needs to be seen in the light of this blatant imbalance due to gender discrimination. There is no doubt that over the years, men have been dominating politics of most countries in the world. But it doesn’t mean they did splendid job in what they are suppose to do? Politics has never been an easy place for any man who supposedly can’t even handle political landscape at home and family of course. Today, most countries in the world face problems of democracy, justice, equality, social problems arising from bad governance of those in corridor of power who are mostly men. Having failed to provide good governance, when come to think of it, there is nothing wrong if women who are noted to be caring, concern, and responsible are given more chances in government for possible change in the ‘status quo'. Should a woman involve in politics have always been subject of controversy over the years. But among other political posts today few women are already presidents of countries and senators, assembly members, and councilors. Cristina Fernández de Kirchner (Argentina), Dilma Rousseff (Brazil) and Joyce Banda (Malawi) presidents of representative countries have proven that woman can own a place on the top of political settings. Woman
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