Gender in the Color Purple Essay

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“Love” Agreements

A perfect relationship has always been established as man and woman, having the man as the strong sex. Men have always had the first and last say in everything and women have always had to do as men would tell them to. Women have always been categorized as the weak sex and submissive to their men, putting men’s priorities first, in this case their husbands or sexual partner’s priorities. This has always been present since we have knowledge, due to the fact that we live in an extremely patriarchal society, where men are superior to women. Woman had no rights. The only way to accomplish their goals was going in opposition to men and doing as they wanted like Sofia, serve God like Nettie or behave as a
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While in their houses as dependents, they were subsumed to what their fathers had to say, “But I can let you have Celie. She the oldest anyway. She out to marry first. She ain’t fresh though…” (Walker, 7) and after being married they were then to act as subordinate women and be willing to please their husbands at all times, being obligated or willing “He beat me for dressing trampy but he do it to me anyway” (Walker, 7). The house needed to be clean, the children needed to be watched and fed and of course the women needed to be capable of doing all of the chores without ever complaining, they were expected to be the perfect domestic housewives “When a woman marry she spose to keep a decent house and a clean family” (Walker, 19). After married they were not seen as individuals any longer, but as a property of their husbands. His and her properties were automatically his, so in fact, she had nothing, and she did not even own herself because she belonged to her husband, just like a slave. This was the case of Celie, who could also be seen as a slave because of her position in society. She was forced to marry a man whom she did not love and did not care for, Albert, a man with four children, he abused her physically, mentally and verbally, which reaffirmed her status as a slave, receiving constant abuse by her owner. She had to stand his insults, day in and day out. She worked very hard each day to maintain him pleased with

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