Gendercide and its Cultural Components by Mary Anne Warren

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Gendercide and its Cultural Components

The topic of Gendercide is not much in the public eye as much as researchers would like. However amongst the professionals, it turns out to be a debated topic. The definition alone has some arbitrary research.
The term gendercide originated in the mid 1980’s by Mary Anne Warren where she referred to it as “the deliberate extermination of persons of a particular sex” (as cited by Jones, 2006). The main focus during her early work on gendercide was women and girls. She also focus on infanticide of female fetuses; in other words, the sex-selection that happens in certain cultures around the world. She did not dismiss the idea that victims of such discriminating murders could be males too. This is
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The reasoning behind gendercide is not as certain.
Some of Oystein Holter’s work attempts to explain the reasons behind gendercide. It is important to note that Holter believes that gendercide is a part of genocide (2002). He explains gendercide is the same as genocide but from a different perspective, therefore, his explanation of why gendercide is occurring can be related to the idea of genocide as well. There are four parts to his theory. The first part is the beginning of a process of devaluation: the breakdown of the political outlets joined with poverty, humiliation, and sex stratification. The second part is a reactive reevaluation through gender, or any other social mechanisms. In this stage there is a surge of victimization Followed by a buildup of aggression. Lastly there is an opposing conflict or potential war. This process expresses the ideology that gendercide is the outcome of civil-life, like conflict and war events. Holter sees a distinct link between money and power, and gendercide; implying that the majority of gendercides happen in the poorer parts of the world (2002). Cynthia Epstein focuses on the aspect of honor killings, which she specifies as a subpart of gendercide/genocide. Areas of the Middle East and Africa have the ideology of honor killings embedded in their culture (Epstein, 2010). In specific, honor societies’ protection from others and outside resources are stripped away from women and girls. The rules are

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