Gendered Relations And Masculinity Is Influenced By Football

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Gendered institutions influence everyone in a different way, but for the most part football influenced me the most as an individual. After locker room talks and before and after practices and football games, made me realize how gendered relations and masculinity is influenced by football. Like Messner mentions, “gender identity not as a ‘thing’ that people ‘have’ but as a process of construction that develops, and changes as a person interacts with the social world.” Football has always been engraved in being a male dominant sport due to the aggressiveness and the physicality of the sport so the majority of those initially involved with football is constantly trying to prove one 's dominance in an act of masculinity. Throughout high school and the majority of my life football was a big influence on my gender. The biggest impact on me was during my junior year of high school, the fall of 2012. I was seventeen years old. Football made me and fellow teammates as masculine as an individual may be due to the game and all the things that you become accustomed to through football throughout one season. Playing football and all the time spent with my fellow teammates influenced me with the basic things in becoming masculine: men get girls, men are big and strong, men never show emotions, and men are always the dominant one. While I was in high school this was the way in which I acted to be masculine.
You learn to not show weakness in front of teammates, because one might think you

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