Gendered Spaces Of Gender And Gender

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To begin, gendered spaces are areas created to control the arrangement and placement of genders. Biopolitics is a system of controlling the way people live and move through storing order or restriction. Therefore, this makes gendered spaces biopolitical; given that gendered spaces control the movement of genders. Gender bias not to be confused with sexism; means to be prejudice and discriminate against another gender. In other words, it is the belief that one gender is superior over another, typically men over women. In order to truly understand gender bias and demonstrate its distinguishment from sexism; we must define both gender and sex. Both gender and sex have disparate meanings yet, relate to each other. The word gender is more about constructed roles and expectations that are assigned socially for men/boys and women/girls. For example, women/girls are expected to have feminine behavior and men/boys are expected to demonstrate masculine behavior. The term sex is something that is assigned to you at birth. It is the biological and physical differentiation between males and females that help distinguish between them. On that note, sexism is discrimination against a gender; most commonly the idea that females are inferior to males. The difference is that gender bias is about both attitude and behavior. Therefore, it is more inclusive than sexism, for the reason that it includes both prejudice and discrimination in its definition. To continue, gender bias is not only…
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