Gendered Stereotypes And Gender Roles

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The theme of this paper is gendered stereotypes in the media.This paper will investigate the question, “To what extent are females stereotyped more than men in the media in the U.S.?” while looking specifically at examples from movies, music, and advertisements. To begin, an overview of history was given to provide insight on the progression of gender roles and the expanding media. Viewpoints on both male and female stereotypes in the media were investigated and analyzed to determine if females are, in fact, stereotyped more. The sources used in this investigation were evaluated to determine their credibility and what support, if any, they offered to the argument. After analyzing the information and sources, it was concluded that women are stereotyped more than men in the media based on the societal norms developed throughout history.


The word “stereotype” refers to a person or persons having fixed ideas about another person, group, or thing. Stereotypes are a natural part of society. For generations the roles of women have changed and progressed to what they are today. Due to this, each society has shaped their beliefs on how women should act, and their roles in the community. Women are stereotyped in many different ways. They are stereotyped on what kind of occupations they should have, what responsibilities in the home they should carry out, and how they should look. The focus of this investigation is solely on the media and how
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