Gendered Wage Gap Essay

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The Gendered Wage gap The gendered wage gap has been a controversial topic that's been around since women started working at jobs for money in the United States during the 1900’s era. With a steadily increasing amount of women working at jobs, came steadily strong opinions about women’s work rights. Women had been given a lesser wage compared to their male counterparts and it outraged women. However, as women were treated more and more equal, their wages were treated more equally as well. Then came a stand still in this improving equality for women in the 21st century, as it has been debated that women are now treated equally, compared to men. This standstill has caused even further debate ranging from several things with most focusing on…show more content…
This is where everything starts to intersect. With so many factors that go into a gendered wage gap that were brought up in research, are all prevalent in the United States, it is clear that there is a gendered wage gap. And most of my research came up with the same conclusion that there was some sort of gendered wage gap in the United States. Not primarily due to discrimination, but a variety of factors. Now knowing that there is a gendered wage gap in the United States today with many factors contributing to it, we now have to ask, “how big is it?”. Starting with Chapman’s article, we find that his findings are shown visually in graphs. The two main graphs he goes over are the relationship between region and wage for both male and female, and the difference between race of the gendered wage gap found from the previous graph. When looking at the region graph, there is a clear distinction between male and female wages in the same region, with smaller wages for women. Chapman then goes a step further and applies race to the equation to see the difference between the gaps. As one would assume, caucasian women had the smallest wage gap in the United States when compared to African American women and then Latinos with the biggest wage gap. So, when deciding how big the gendered wage gap is, staticians have to consider
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