Gene Editing And Society : Technology

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Michael Estrada
Ms. Moskowitz
ENC 1101
29 September 2015
Gene Editing and Society Technology has helped humanity in almost every aspect of everyday life. It has made life so much easier that it has become almost impossible to live without. In Dr. Richard Restaks “Attention Deficit: The Brain Syndrome of Our Era”, and Alexandra Samuels “Plug In Better’: A Manifesto” they both go into detail on how technology has affected today’s society, and how it has changed human behavior to rely on it to such a degree that people have become addicted to technology as if they need it for their very survival. Both Restak and Samuel talk about how technology has made humanity more connected to each other and yet has also disconnected each other at the same time and to the real world. People use technology so much in their everyday lives to solve problems and to carry out tasks that they no longer control its effects on them, whereas before people had to rely on their own individual talents, skills, and efforts to get tasks completed. Gene therapy and other cutting edge medical techniques like all technology, has incredible life changing potential as well as possible side effects Recently the scientific community has discovered Gene Editing. Gene Editing is the changing and or manipulation of the human DNA, to create certain characteristics or can be used as a method of curing a disease or disorder. There have been many disputes on whether this newfound invention should be practiced and
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