Gene Expression Of Soybeans ( Glycine Max )

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Gene Expression of Soybeans (Glycine max) in Response to Bacterial Inoculants, Rhizoboost, Defensor and Rhizobium under abiotic Stress (heat condition) in Glycine max
Proposal by Noor Sairafi and Dr. Sue Hum-Musser
Western Illinois University, Department of Biology

Abstract Several microorganisms have the ability to promote plant growth and produce compounds which are known to stimulate plant defenses by inducing systemic resistance (ISR) in attacked plants (1). Bacillus species are commonly used in formulating microbial fertilizers due to their rapid beneficial effects in colonizing plant root and establishing Rhizobia bacteria mutualism inside their root structure. In this paper research, I will observe this unique interaction by examining the gene expression of soybeans (Glycine max) and their response to bio-inoculants under a heat stress. I will use four different treatments: control, Defensor, Rhizoboost, Defensor and Rhizobium, and Rhizoboost and Rhizobium. Once the infected seeds germinate, I will incubate soybean seeds at 25 oC and 37 oC for approximately 16 hours followed by grinding seeds for RNA purification. Gene expression data will be then obtained and collected via qPCR analysis followed by microarray analysis for more data confirmation. Additionally, a two-way ANOVA and a Tukey’s multiple comparison test will be used to determine the significance of the data. This study will give us a good idea on the effect of bacterial fertilizers (Defensor,

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