Gene Mutation : A Sequence Of Numbers

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It all starts off as a big puzzle, you have all these pieces that connect together that leads to a sequence of numbers. These numbers may be in order and fit perfectly into your puzzle, but then there is that one out of place piece that makes the puzzle not complete, that essentially is what the BRCA 1 gene mutation is, just a misplaced puzzle piece. The BRCA 1 gene mutation can go by many names like breast cancer 1, early onset or IRIS, but no matter what name you call it, it still inflicts some questions and concerns. The BRCA 1 gene mutation is a human gene that produces tumor suppressor proteins located on chromosome 17 at position 21. These proteins when not mutated, help repair damaged DNA and play a role in ensuring the stability of one 's cellular genetic material. When the gene becomes mutated, faulty, or altered it has the reverse effects. The protein sometimes does not form or forms incorrectly, therefore leading to DNA damage that may not be repaired properly. This results in an unfinished puzzle piece, which leads to the development of genetic alterations, in other words, could increase your risks of certain cancers. The BRCA 1 gene mutation is just like all other genes is inherited and passed on by your family, but it does not mean you will have the mutation. The BRCA 1 gene mutation can be inherited from either of your parents when one of your parents carries the mutation you have a fifty percent chance of inheriting the mutation. If you do inherit this…
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