Gene Regulation For Safety Assessment

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Gene Regulation for Safety Assessment: In addition to the mph gene, few gene regulations are implemented as safety assessment for the product. In the recombination process of making this product, Ecoli plasmid has been used as a vector to insert mph gene into host bacteria. We use a plasmid vector from E.coli that has conserved sequence for Plac promoter and gef suicide gene. Plac promoter is positioned upstream of mph gene to regulate its expression. Later, Plac promoter will be activated by induction with IPTG. A suicide system in E.coli plasmid vector is used to reduce the potential risk of gene escaping into the environment. Genetic transfer from GM bacteria to other bacteria via trans-conjugation will cause unexpected genetic combinations. This method is implemented by using recipient plasmid with suicide gene gef from E.coli, with expression controlled by Pm promoter. Pm promoter sequence, which present upstream of the gef suicide gene will control the expression of gef suicide gene. The suicide system did not interfere with the performance of the GM bacteria until its physiological function was activated by specific signal. In developing this product, we use Methyl Benzoate as the chemical suicide signal. Following the addition of methyl benzoate, the Pm promoter will be activated, and lead to the activation of gef suicide gene. This activates the suicide system of the cells and the cell growth will decreases as the cells die. Plan Methods: These procedures
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