Gene Technology : Genetically Modified Crop Plants

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GENE TECHNOLOGY: GENETICALLY MODIFIED CROP PLANTS LYNN FOWKES STRAYER UNIVERSITY DR. NICOLE MINOR SCI 115 NOVEMBER 30, 2015 Biological basis Biological technology began with the use of the very simple household item, like natural yeast. Yeast has been used long before modern technological technologies. It was originally used for making bread, wine, and beer. This simple item uses a process called fermentation. Fermentation is the process in which a chemical breakdown occurs by using microorganisms and bacteria to produce bubbles and heat. These bubbles are what make bread rise, turns fruits into sugars and ethanol for wine, and reacts with hops for beer. ( In order to understand Genetically Modified Crops, one must have an understanding of the technique of biotechnology. Biotechnology can be defined as any technique that uses living organisms to break apart to modify their composition that be used for creating other live organisms. Biotechnology encompasses any technology that uses biological systems, living organisms, and derivatives to make or modify products for use. Yeast and its bacteria were one of the first products used for medical and industrial applications Since the late 19th century, farmers began to realize that the heredity of crops and animals could be manipulated by using living organisms by cross breeding and creating hybrid crops. Then in 1954, the discovery of the structure of DNA, deoxyribonucleic acid, was developed.
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