Gene Therapy And Delivery Methods

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Each human body consists of net numbers of genes in which half of genes are defective in nature. We do not suffer any injurious effects from that defective genes as we carry two copies of DNA that carries two copies of the specific gene present in somatic cells. The gene which is likely to be harmful is recessive gene so if we inherit two copies of recessive gene from our parent, then disease will occur ( Carroll, 2011).Now days every year noticeable children are born with genetic disease such as cystic fibrosis, combined immunodeficiency syndromes, muscular dystrophy, hemophilia, and many cancers result from the presence of defective genes. Gene therapy is an inventive technique that uses genes to fight any disease in the body by replacing a faulty gene with a functional gene which will change the outcome and ultimately cure the disease by introducing a new gene into specific cells in a person to modify the clinical condition (Ballan, 2011).

Gene Therapy and Delivery Methods:

Gene therapy is the method of use of genes by inserting a functioning gene into body cells in order to correct the disease by inactivating altered genes with inserting a genetically modified gene into the body in place of drugs to fight disease (Verma, 1990).
The techniques used involves administering a specific DNA or RNA sequence into the body. It works like particular nucleic acid sequence which works as a gene that gives product which is treated by m-RNA and that m-RNA gene
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